Public Notary

Legal documents are of great prominence in the current society. Irrespective of their range, type, class and importance, every legal document serves a single purpose that is to support the document that the individual is holding whatever the purpose might be. The public notary services from our legally approved officials meet all the legal criteria that make the document legally valid and genuine. The different documents for which we offer notary services include:

  • Real Estate Documents – Authenticating such documents are given paramount importance by our experts as these require utmost legality and loyalty
  • Deeds – These are usually legal writing that affirms or passes certain property, power and authority to the other
  • Power of Attorney – It is basically an authorization letter that authenticates an individual to handle the financial, legal, business and/or personal matters of another if that person is unavailable for any reason. Power of attorney needs notarization in order to void questions been raised on the authority of the individual
  • Foreign and International Business – Smooth business relationships must have right written contracts with all legal intents and purposes. Large businesses must ensure the documents to be authentic and notarized before making huge transactions

All our notaries are registered with the state or territory judiciary to which they are accountable. Our public notary services include:

  • Accepting Affidavits, Depositions and Declarations
  • Certification of Documents
  • Cross verifying the company documents
  • Verification of identity and signature
  • Making necessary arrangements from corresponding Consulate or Embassy for legilisation of documents

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